Sunday, May 13, 2018

Our K1 Trip

                                                      Our K1 Trip
On a sunny day, in may 8th, 5C went on a amazing trip to K1 where they became 4 years old again.

On the 8th of may my class went to the K1 class to see how it is to go back to K1 for our transitions unit.

When we got to the class we thought we were going to read a book to the little kids.
Here is what we did throughout the day.
First, we sang a song called “ Open Shut Them “  
it was really fun because I felt like we were back in kindergarten.
Secondly, We read a book called “Who sank the boat?”
 We got some kids to play the Cow, Goat, Pig and a Mouse.
We had a really good time doing this because we felt like we came back to kindergarten

Lastly, we took photos of 10 objects, the point of that was to teach us to count till ten
And try and find different all the time,
when we finished we went back to our classes and reflected on our time in kindergarten.

I hope we could try it again, it was a good experience, we had lots of fun being a 4 year olds again!

Monday, March 26, 2018

Grade 5-4 concert

This is a response to our grade 5 and 4 concert
This purpose of the response is to retell our judgment 
Grade 5 & Grade 4 Concert
Our concert was from 9:00 to 9:50.The concert was in the art center. In our concert we were singing
Overall I think our concert was fun but some parts were tedious.

Firstly, me and my friend Chloe had a violin duet.we were playing the song “Fiddle Time”, Fiddle Time is a calm and a gentle song , we did a really awesome job on that.

Secondly, 5D went to do the basketball performance,they had music playing and they had to bounce the basketball to the beat, They did a fantastic job!

Lastly, we were singing “Hold Back The River” all of grade 5 were singing it together, Benjamin, Graham and Oliver were playing the instruments
And Hedvig, Stella, Tam, Ella and Ester had a solo. It wasn’t how we expect it to be but it was ok.

In my opinion I think some parts of our concert thins year were amazing but some parts were tedious.

Monday, February 12, 2018

World Languages

Reflection about my unit: Learning to learn in French Class ( Doesn't make scene at all)
This unit I did my best on doing my best to not talk in English with my friend Noes ( Noes's online Journal)
I think I could of done better at writing and reading
Goals I have for the next unit is Writing & Reading
Samples of my success : Je parle Anglais & Hebrew, Jaime le chien Je naim pas  les cochons
Next unit we will learn about:
- Big numbers
- Can/May
- Class subject


What would you rather, puppies       or kittens?
Puppies and kittens are animals that some people like to have as pets.

Some people like puppies better than kittens, and some people don’t.

Puppies are fun to play with and they are so cute!. They are like your best friend
Sometimes it’s hard to take care of and taking them down and cleaning up after them.But it’s still fun!

Puppies are the humans best friend.
Puppies are playful and kittens sleep all day. Dogs learn how to do tricks but kittens don’t.
Puppies are always hyper and they like to run

On the other hand Image result for dog quotes me and you are friends
Kittens could be very cute and when they fall asleep.  
Kittens have a strong sense of smell which can be very good sometimes but dogs have a stronger sense of smell.Kittens can be right or left pawed
A kitten is an animal that is likely to sleep 22 hours per day!
It sleeps 90% of the day!
Kittens are always cute and soft!

Kittens are usually VERY lazy they don’t go out at all
Kittens don’t care about you like Puppies do

I still think Puppies are better then Kittens

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Dos And Don'ts

You need to get the same denomatior because it's 
easier for most of the people 
You only add the numerator 
You don't add the denomatior together 
You can't multiply numerator in an adding sequences  


This Unit I did my very best on learning time and transportation.
I think I could f have done better on Transportation.
Goals I have for next unite is to get stuff done quicker. 
 Samples of my success "Je m'apelle Talya je vaise a l'ecole en bus. L'ecole commence a 8 heures moins 10 ".
Next Unite,we will learn about:

  • Description Of Pets
  • Body Parts
  • Negation
  • Questions 

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

What I learned about my self past this semester

I have learned that I can be really good at something I want to get better at.
And I learned that I am really good at arts and music.
I learned that I am really good at math and sports.

למדתי שאני יכולה להיות ממש טובה במשהו שאני רוצה להשתפר בו. למדתי שאני ממש טובה באמנות ובמוזיקה. למדתי שאני ממש טובה במתמטיקה וספורט

I would really want to improve on my arts and math and music.
I want to improve on it because it's something I like to do

אני באמת רוצה לשפר את האמנויות שלי מתמטיקה ומוזיקה.

אני רוצה לשפר את זה כי זה משהו שאני אוהבת לעשות